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Project Homes


Buying a home from a project home builder is a popular and affordable way to get a family home. A Project home builder is a builder that builds a set number of house designs and builds them in bulk.

At Pacific builders Group we allow you to make some changes to the house plan.We specialize in making changes or developing new home designs,appartments and town houses

Buying a project home can also save you a lot of time and money. You will save time as you do not need to design the home, and also the build times are generally a lot shorter and can be as little as 12-16 weeks for construction.
Another advantage of a Project home is that the trade’s people that build the home have built the same design before and this can result in fewer mistakes in the construction process.

Also now days the homes available from the project home builders have come along way in design and can be very attractive homes.
One of the limitations of Project home builders as mentioned is that you can not make changes to the plans as much as you would like. This means that if your block is an irregular shape or slopes away from or to the road you might not be able to get the house to suit the block.

It is very common for someone to have bought a cheaper sloping block and then have difficulties finding a builder how will build on sloping blocks.

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